dress up #2

Sunday, March 3, 2013
  •  Bag - Zara TRF - £29.99
  • Boots - New Look - £29.99
  • Top - Dorothy Perkins - £45.00 £30.00 (Now on sale!)
  • Jeans - Topshop - £38
  • Watch - Marc Jacobs - £219
For dress up #2, I based the entire outfit on this top from Dorothy Perkins, which caught my eye a month or two ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I am really into creams and neutrals at the moment, and although I am not usually a big fan of gold detailing (I prefer silver), it works well here. The boots from New Look have now shot to the top of my wish list, along with the top; this series really is dangerous for my bank balance!
It's nice to find a bag from Zara which is made from synthetic material. I'd love to buy more of their handbags; I always think they are gorgeous, but sadly a large percentage of them are made from leather, and as a vegetarian I just can't go there. This is a really lovely, structured piece which I think would be great for work. *runs and hides bank card*
Let me know what you think of the outfit!


  1. lovely outfit!
    love the boots!


  2. I love that top....looks so much more expensive than it is!

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  3. So cute, love this outfit. I've been really happy with the items I've purchased from Dorothy Perkins

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